Coronavirus Updates

We are open for recreational campers!

Campgrounds and campers know that many normal daily operations not considered life-sustaining will not resume at this time. However, we are capable of opening during phase one, utilizing limited staffing and limited consumer interaction. We as campground owners will do due diligence to limit and stop the congregation of guests. Upon opening, we have policies in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We also have a campground plan in place according to the governor’s plan as well as the CDC guidelines and will continue to change this as needed.

What we are doing to protect you:
Your site picnic table, electric box lid, breakers, and water spigot, were cleaned with a CDC approved disinfectant before your arrival, but we still recommend that you wear gloves or disinfect these things again. One family is allowed into the store at a time after that family has left the doorknobs, countertop, door handles to coolers/freezers etc…are cleaned with a CDC approved disinfectant before the next family can enter. The same precautions are being taken in the laundry room.

Who can camp with us?
At this time we are able to accept ALL campers that have a self-contained unit, as of Friday, May 1st. This means all recreational campers can join our monthly residents who have been with us, since April (for those who have been wondering about our open status)..
We are unable to take in any tent site rentals, due to the restrooms being closed.

The main office, store, and laundry will be open with limited hours. We have cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place for the locations listed above and ask you to limit 1 family at a time in the store, office, and laundry area. You are required to wear a mask inside the lodge/store. IF you do not have a mask, don’t want to wear one, or are just not comfortable coming into the store, we are offering curbside delivery for all campers.

We will continue to carry extra items such as bleach, toilet paper, food service items, fresh meats from Bixlers, Hershey Ice Cream, and other basic items we all use daily, here in the store. We are encouraging you to shop at your local stores before making your trip or shop within the campground store.
We have a stock of small maintenance replacement items in case something breaks, as the local hardware stores are closed for an extended period. We also have a large assortment of RV parts for your needs.

The playground, game room, pavilion(s), and restrooms will stay closed at this time.

Social Distancing/Activities:
In following with the governor’s rules regarding social distancing, The encouragement of outdoor recreation that does not involve interaction with other families is recommended. We are ENCOURAGING you to follow these rules, please have respect for the next person and keep your 6-foot distance from others, not in your household. The recommendation is no grouping at your cabin or campsite. All people gathering at your site must be on your registration form. No others may join you for a community campfire. No other family may be on your campsite or in your trailer at any time during your stay.

We have had to cancel all group activities where people congregate in one place, including but limited to kids crafts, potluck dinners, live music, etc… Until further notice from the governor’s office.

We are being asked to Prohibit non-essential visitors from entering the premises. If you have a request for a visitor please let us know, and we will make a decision on a case by case basis. We will be making this decision with the safety of all our campers first and foremost.

Rental RV:
An RV rental that includes its own restroom facilities will be available, but there will be no back-to-back rentals. We will be using CDC/EPA approved disinfectant to clean everything as in the past, but we plan to leave a 24-hour turnaround time following cleaning to be extra cautious. All people who are renting the RV are also expected to bring their own dish soap and personal soap and other personal items with them. All provided linens, pillows, etc. will be laundered in accordance with CDC guidelines. Dishes, utensils, cooking appliances, etc. will be cleaned and thoroughly dried. You must utilize the restroom facilities available in RV itself as the restrooms will not be open at this time.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you and stay safe!

Michelle and Rob